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Hello Kitty Frozen Yogurt

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they pulled cl hair ?

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[Project] #WeMissHelloVenus

Calling all Hello Cupid, send your mention to @chHELLOVENUS and @pledisnews on 24, 25 and 26th July between the hours of 10:00 pm to 12:00 am KST. Dont forget to put #WeMissHelloVenus in every tweets.

 1. Just one hastag for one tweet
2. Don’t forget to mention Hello Venus official accout + Pledis acc
3. Don’t trend anything before the day

Casual fans or whoever who want to help/join this project is always welcomed and appreciated.

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GD riding that horse (Daesung) Op- Op- Op- Op- Oppa Gangnam Style~!

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[HD] 140724 M Countdown — B1A4 거짓말 + FANTASTIC BABY 
(Special Stage)

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everyone tries to act like they dont fuck w/ bigbang anymore until haru haru starts playing

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Baro covering T.O.P’s part in Fantastic Baby set my soul ablaze

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